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Discover our anti-stress massages to alleviate tension and accumulated psycho-physical stress.

With the Ancient Rome tradition back to life, discover our signature relaxing massage.

50’/80’ min   € 110/170

Firm pressure and slow strokes of the massage are aimed to reach deeper layers of contracted muscle.

50’/80’ min  € 110/170

Traditional Indian massage, transposed in occidental style, with essential and warm oils.

50’/80’ min   € 110/170

The classical anti-stress massage to relieve tension and free your body and spirit from everyday stress.

50’/80’ min   € 100/160

The power of pure essential oils with a specialized technique to ultimate your relaxing experience.

50’/80’ min   € 110/170

Il massaggio allieva i normali disagi della gravidanza, come il mal di schiena e crampi alle gambe.

50’/80’ min   € 100/160

The massage relieves many of the common discomforts of pregnancy, like backaches and leg cramps.

50’/80’ min   € 110/170

A gentle massage to drain and eliminate toxins. It also improves immune system.

50’/80’ min   € 110/170

Share the pleasure in a romantic atmosphere.
A relaxing massage made even more pleasing with the company of your loved one.

50’/80’ min   € 230/340

Feel the royal touch of Caschera SPA by having 2 therapists performing the massage in harmony

50’/80’ min   € 225/320


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Reservation is advisable. To ensure the availability of your preferable time is available, please contact Caschera SPA at least 24 hours in advance. Upon arrival to Caschera SPA , you will be asked to sign a consultation indemnity form. We advise to arrive at the SPA reception at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, to maximize your enjoyment of our renowned facilities.


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