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Caschera Signature Ritual

Caschera Signature Ritual

The Ritual takes inspiration from the fight of the Romans!

The Ritual takes inspiration from the fight of the Romans. They used to sprinkle the body with a substance called “ceroma”, an ointment made of oil and wax, which smeared on the skin, had the property to soften it. On this layer, they sprinkled sand to prevent slipping through the hands of an opponent and the whole thing had an exfoliating and cleaning effect. At the end of the fight, the mixture was removed with the strigile (a bronze spatula) .

The Roman Otium provides body cleansing using the ‘Ceroma’ body butter, salt sprinkler and strigile to scrape off dead skin cells followed by relaxing Caschera Signature massage and ending with feathery body duster. This whole experience will immediately melt your tension and deliver a
touch of silky soft skin.

80’ min  € 300

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